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About Me

My name is Alma AKA EbonyLatina, I am !%*!!&^% years old. I was born in Bluefields, Nicaragua but I now reside in the Washington, DC area.  I work full time and attend  school part time. I am working on my undergraduate degree in Computer Information Technology. I enjoy dancing, traveling and spending hours on my laptop doing whatever.  I was born in mid November, which makes my horoscope sign a Scorpio so check out the page labeled Scorpios to see what the stars say about Scorpios.

Here I am In Bluefields at LaLa's place in Barrio Central. 


Christmas day 2003, I am on my way to BamBam's place in Barrio Tres Cruces for the New Years Day celebration (Kitially).

Alma & Emilshe on 12/27/03


Emilshe and I hanging out on the Veranda in Barrio Beholden at my sisters place.


Here I am at my sisters place in Beholden, dressed and ready to go to 4brothers night club.



December 2003 Vacation Pictures