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Family Photo Album

These pictures were all taken during my vacation to Bluefields, Nicaragua on December 17th through January6th.


Keshon & Devon

Keshon (age 4) and Devon (age 3) smiling for Tia Alma to take their pictures.


Tia Alma & Devon

The highlight of my day during my vacation was the time that I spent with my nephews Devon and Keshon. Here I am just hanging out on the veranda with Devon waiting for Keshon to come and join us.


Anita, Walton and Alma

On Christmas Eve 2003, Walton (my brother in law) Anita (my sister) and I decided to hang out by LaLa. Anita was upset with Walton because we were all dressed up and he decided to go casual tennis shoes and all.  After arriving at the club (4Brothers) later that night I must say Walton had the right idea.


My Darling Devon

This is my nephew Devon. Is he cute or what!
Yes my little darling you are all that plus some
just like your Tia Alma.